Founders Games Finals

& ESG Gala in Davos

17 Jan, 2023

Celebrating Commitment to Goal2030

In-person: Davos

The 2023 Davos edition of the Founder Games Finals and ESG Gala is an invitation only event for up to 300 carefully curated attendees, taking place during the WEF week in Davos.

The list of the invitees of the event includes:
1. Corporate world - top executives (Fortune 500 companies)
2. Founders of growth stage companies with high SDGs impact
3. Late stage VCs + family offices/LPs
4. Policy makers / regulators
5. NGOs
6. Media

Founders Games 2019 Awards Ceremony!

Collective Intelligence

FG is the only global platform powered by the collective intelligence of over 200 late stage VC investors who score over 3000 applications (in 17 verticals) from 140+ countries. The Finals All-Star-Jury is chaired by the legendary Tim Draper.

The finalists are selected among the top (highest) ranked companies (scaleups) after 5 rounds of selection.
You may see the previous finalists here and their success stories here.

Webit Foundation is the originator and producer of the Founders Games.

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Global Outreach and Impact

Global media refer to the Founders Games as the premier scaleup (high growth) innovation SDGs competition with the world’s biggest (ever) funding award of $6M (six million US Dollars) provided by over 750 investors through the publicly listed company - Webit Investment Network (BSE: WIN).

Over 3000 companies from 140+ countries apply for every season of the competition.

For the past 13 years the Founders Games Finals have been integral part of the Webit Festival global agenda. Starting 2022 Founders Games announced 2 seasons per year (winter and summer) and for the first time in 2023 the winter Finals will be held in Davos during the WEF week.

Mission statement

Founders Games mission is to identify, endorse as role models and support the high growth companies and their founders who lead the way to achieving the SDGs by creating a successful, scalable, sustainable and resilient business ventures.

Saving the humankind is the best (business) opportunity of our lifetime!

SDG 2030

* The pictures are taken at Founders Games award ceremony during Webit. The Davos winter awards shall be smaller with up to 300 invitation only attendees.

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We will provide you with a full-fledge immerse in Davos experience garnered with pure serendipity meetings with some of the world’s most sought after leaders.

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Webit is doing an enormous service.

Eric Schmidt
Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures; Former CEO, Google

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