Webit Night Urban Summit

13-15 May 2019, NDK, Sofia

The Night Urban Summit is our way to open Webit.Festival Europe to the visitors and residents of the host city and further expand our global community.

It starts when the lights go up
and the night is young!

The street of the city is turned into an Urban Happening Playground for music and art events, flash mobs, meet ups (as you may see and register below) and bar crawling!




The meetups are networking events for people to gather, share and explore each other's interest in a particular topic. Everyone could join the free discussion, drinks with friends and colleagues. Bring your people to the meetups you like the most, take pictures and share them with #webit, so that we can see your smiles!

List of Meetups

Art & Tech

Raffy bar & gelato
Sofia, 18 Vitosha blvd.

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Host: Elena Peneva - Managing Director, Creative Energy Hub


Raffy bar & gelato
Sofia, 18 Vitosha blvd.

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Host: Mark Marinov, Director of Business Development, unevers.com / eCars.bg / elvis.bg

The art of Advertising
(Mobile, Video, Programmatic)

Raffy bar & gelato
Sofia, 18 Vitosha blvd.

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Host: Upal Pradhan - Managing Director, Kratos ads pvt ltd

Social Tech

Bitburger Club
Sofia, 20 Stefan Karadzha str.

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Host: Lavanya Indralingam & Nina Heir - Katapult Accelerator

Mobile Geeks

Restaurant Moma
Sofia, 28 Solunska Street

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Host: Alex Asimakopoulos - Co-Founder & CTO, SOFTWEB


Restaurant “Dobro”
Sofia, 33 Petur Parchevich str.

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Host: Ivan Todorov - Founder, TAD GROUP


Spaghetti Kitchen & Bar
Sofia, 3 Sveta Nedelia str.

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Host: Roger Benites, CEO, BitInka

Wearable tech

Central Park Hotel
Sofia, 106 Vitosha blvd.

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Host: Polina Petrova - Video Marketing, Popo Creatives

Music & Tech

„Social Café” Bar & Kitchen
Sofia, 16 Vitosha blvd.

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Social Innovation with EU

Happy Bar and Grill Sveta Nedelia
Sofia, 4 Sveta Nedelia Sq.

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Artificial Intelligence

Sofia, 6 Karnigradska str.

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Host: Nicole Buettner - CEO, DataQuotient

Blockchain for Business

Spaghetti Kitchen&Bar”
Sofia, 3 Sveta Nedelia

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Host: Radoslav Dragov - Account manager, Ambrosus

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